New Contributor- Brandon





Hello FullTilt Readers. My name is Brandon, and I’m happy to join the team as a contributor for at least the remainder of the season. It was announced a while back that the site was originally going to shut down, but with additions of writers like myself and others, the site will continue to operate to the best of our abilities.

I am very excited to join FullTilt Rangers. My job on this website will be varying depending on what kind of articles are needed throughout the season. I look forward to working with my fellow contributors on making this an enjoyable site for all hockey fans to visit.

In regards to me, I currently live in New York City and the Rangers have been a major part of my life for a very long time. I started watching the Rangers when I was very young and since then I always look to share my hockey knowledge with everyone. Although I wasn’t even born when the Rangers last won the Stanley Cup, I one day hope to write about the moment McDonagh or Henrik raise the Cup above their heads.

I would also like to thank Anthony for having full trust in me to contribute to his website. It is my goal to write my best articles and provide the readers with an expanded knowledge of hockey and the Rangers.

For insight and analysis as well as some good fun, follow me on Twitter @bsapienza27

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