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10401445_787896801231624_5312092324667621290_nTrue Blue is a NYR Facebook page run by a group of guys who love the Blueshirts. These guys do it all, from keeping you updated to all the happenings surrounding the NYR, to funny pics and charity work. It’s a great experience to any Rangers fan.


A year ago, the Atkinson family was going through a lot of issues, their daughter Mari had made a post on the Internet with her father’s picture stating that he was terminally ill with cancer and that due to high medical costs the family couldn’t afford Ranger tickets. Vin took it upon himself to post it on the True Blue and raised a little money, but it wasn’t enough money to have the family come down all the way from the Canadian border. So Vin started tweeting the Rangers, Brad Richards and Arron Asham. Asham provided the tickets for the family, and Brad Richards set up the locker room meet and greet with his public relations people. After the game, Vin led the family into the Rangers locker room to meet the players, he passed away almost a month later. It’s that kind of heart that makes True Blue special.

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Vin with the Atkinson family.


We started this page in 2011 on a whim. My cousin Anthony and I, were just sitting around bs’ing when he said “hey let’s do Rangers page on fb”! To me it sounded awesome! Here you have two guys who are as passionate about hockey as the players themselves!

So we started the page, it was very raw at first and definitely had a long way to go! We had quickly put together a profile picture and slapped together a cover photo. We started producing news and updates and critiquing it along the way! After a couple weeks of having the page we had gained a few hundred fans! Ant and I wanted to bring on another admin and we had both liked this guy who we saw on hockey rumors and trades. We knew he would be perfect for our page and just what we were looking for.

Joe has been such an asset to the team since day one! And as time moved on we grew and grew and found ways to just continue to make this page great, and loved by rangers fan! We wanted to provide the best type of info for the greatest fans in the world! We added a particular admin to handle post game recaps, analysis and also post game chats!

Admin Bret had been a breath of fresh air to this team providing knowledge and great recaps! We also try and bring in a fan base for the Rangers minor league affiliate the Hartford Wolfpack. Joe had mentioned to me he had just the right guy! I decided to being admin Ricky to handle all AHL info and the Hartford Wolfpack! He definitely brings a different dynamic to the page!

As time progressed we wanted to have eye popping graphics and something to have people rave about when they visited! Ant decided to bring in the best, so he brought Robbie in to handle all graphics and design! The page has grown so much and has become something we didn’t expect! We look forward to bring all we can to the fans and hope then enjoy all we do!!

I came up with the idea of doing a Rangers fan page, and knew Vin was a big Rangers fan.  As time went on we started to grow, and we added Joe and the other guys. I know I am behind the scene most of the time, and I know that Vin and the guys take good care of the page.


I was acting as 1 of the head admins at a Facebook fan page called Hockey Rumors & Trades. Admin Vin happened to be a fan of the page, don’t recall how it happened but we ended up becoming Facebook friends where he then approached me about joining the True Blue team and the rest is history.

I joined the page in late November. Prior to that I was just covering the Wolf Pack on my Twitter just tweeting games. I wanted to do more covering them this past season so I decided to start my first year blogging solely.

I knew Joe for awhile and actually enjoyed the posts on True Blue. I thought I would benefit from joining them and actually talk about the prospects for the future of the Rangers. Shortly after I accepted the invite and it’s been an honor.

Now on a day by day basis I cover the Wolf Pack. I love to answer questions regarding the prospects & engage the Rangers fanbase about how the team is doing overall. This was my first year blogging & I loved the feedback from the page. I have seen many Rangers home grown talent develop over the years as well. From the current ones including Talbot, Kreider, Hagelin, McDonagh, & Staal to former ones that include Callahan, Dubinsky, Anisimov, & Montoya.


I found Admin Vin and Ant’s Facebook page, True Blue, about 3 years ago, and loved it from the start. Being a die hard Rangers fan I was absolutely thrilled to come on board and help with the post game discussions and recaps.

I have always enjoyed writing, but I could never find a creative outlet that peaked my interest. That is until I saw the post on True Blue’s page saying they were looking for someone to handle the recaps. I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to write about what I love: The New York Rangers.

I traded some emails with Vin and before I knew it I was a True Blue Admin. I love engaging our fans in discussions, getting as many viewpoints and opinions as possible. In my recaps, I try my best to capture not only the ebbs and flow of the games, but the mood of it as well, while still putting my own personal spin on them. I am amazed at how the True Blue community has grown since I came on, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for our future. 


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