Are Blueshirt Fans really “All In” for this rebuild?

Some Blueshirts fans are still conflicted with the recent trades that were made since the “rebuild” was announced. Meanwhile, others are fully embracing the fresh start. The upcoming season is one to look forward to regardless of the trades made at the deadline since we still have the upcoming draft to embrace more changes.

The deconstruction of the Rangers roster to build around younger and talented players whom offer a different feel to the team’s atmosphere is the best outcome to occur this season. The combination of the team’s previous performance and recent changes to the roster is being observed to determine the possible outcome for next season’s standings.

Fans had to say goodbye to several of their all-time favorite players to welcome home new ones for the benefit of a potential run within the next few years for the Stanley Cup. These recent changes are being looked upon to determine the future decisions of Season Ticket Holders and Rangers fans who follow the Blueshirts through every stride on the ice.

Ultimately, the rebuild was inevitable given the announcement formally released by the Rangers organization in early February. Now, that the Rangers organization has successfully held to their word. Is the fan base ready for the ride?

Case Study

I performed a case study on a diverse group of 80+ New York Rangers fans involving the terms of the rebuild. Season Ticket Holders and Rangers fans alike were given the opportunity to speak on behalf of their perspective on the newly adopted direction for talent of the organization and if the rebuild could possibly affect their renewal for their season tickets or game night attendance through a questionnaire. This study took place through formal interviews and postings within fan groups.

Respondents were asked to answer the following questions:

  1. For Season Ticket Holders (Full, 1/2 and mini): Do you feel the trade – rebuild has impacted your decision of renewing for next season? Why and how?
  2. For all Blueshirts fans: Do you find the trade – rebuild will impact your decision to attend home games or road games as well as viewing parties? Why and how?


Namestnikov (Photo Credit: The Canadian Press via AP / Darryl Dyck)

81% of Season Ticket Holders have confirmed they will be renewing their Season Tickets for the 2018-19 season. It is evident that they are all in for this newly adopted change and look forward to witnessing the Rangers pursuit for the Cup. The primary concern is the pricing of their season ticket packages in reflection to this change given this would be a development period for the Rangers adapting to their new talent.

Most of Season Ticket Holders voiced that they’re in for the long run regardless of the pricing. One response from the study that stood out from the rest was from Jackson*, he explained “I renewed mine for the 39th year. Set it up on auto pay and I am in for the long haul.” Jackson along with several other Season Ticket Holders share optimistic views with their undying love for the Rangers. Win or lose Rangers fan until I die, right?

On the contrary, there are few Season Ticket Holders that are not looking to renew their season tickets for the upcoming season. They reflect the same positive outlook for the rebuild however, financially aren’t willing to commit to their indulgences. Phil*, a STH for 12 years, explained “Not renewing this year but, it has nothing to do with the rebuild. As a matter of fact, I am “all in” on the rebuild. Price of season tickets has gotten too high. Plus, they are harder to sell now and there’s no real advantage anymore.” Phil emphasizes on the matter of variable pricing creating complications in his renewal for the upcoming season which will continue to occur with STH given Dolan’s implementation of the variable pricing policy for All for One passes.

Rangers fans whom do not obtain Season Ticket packages are delighted for progression of the rebuild therefore, look forward to their individual game ticket purchases and viewing parties. These fans are acknowledging the benefits of not obtaining STH packages as a reflection to their financial standings. They are capable of finding game day tickets for a killer price and in desired seating locations within the Garden. Steve*, one respondent out of the study, explained “Easier to use the StubHub trick to go to games. Moves don’t affect watching the team. I’ll still go to many home and away games.”

The positive of this study given two different perspectives being analyzed has formed the conclusion that the rebuild is in fact favorable and beneficial for the team’s advancements in the future. The attendance of the upcoming season will still be as promising as previous years. The Garden will continue to up rise a roar for the Blueshirts. Every fan differs in the perspective of Season Ticket packages therefore, they’ll continue to follow the choice that is most desirable in regard to their decisions.

Eyes on the Cup 

Most of the fan base have acknowledged the rebuild is essential to the future of the admirable organization we cheer for every time the Blueshirts touch the ice. Ultimately, all Blueshirts fans are ready for this new journey and cannot wait for the development of our future run for the Stanley Cup.


(*) Respondent’s names were changed to protect their privacy.

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