Are the Rangers going to ask Henrik Lundqvist to waive his NMC?

‘‘Tis the season for speculation, La La La La La, La Larry Brooks. The NY Post beat writer just wrote an interesting piece where he interviews Martin Brodeur about what Henrik Lundqvist is going through. Ultimately, the piece is centered around Brodeur’s time ending with New Jersey and how he would have waived if asked.

“I would have waived it if I was asked,” Martin Brodeur told The Post Monday morning, for the first time revealing his thoughts leading into that 2014 deadline. “But Lou [Lamoriello] never asked me. “For the first time, I was in the position of not playing much. I was fighting to get playing time. If there was a team that wanted me that I thought I could help win, I’d have gone.


Is this apples to apples?

While Lundqvist can relate to what Brodeur went through, he was asked in 2018 to waive when the Rangers sent out the letter to rebuild. Let me remind you, he said no.

Lundqvist (Getty Images)

“We told Hank that if he didn’t want to ride it out through this process, we’d find a good landing place for him,” Dolan (NYR Owner) said during a conversation at his MSG office. “But he said that he wanted to stay and see it through. “I’m very happy that’s the way he feels. I think with him at the top of his game, that gives us our best chance of competing for a playoff spot next year.”


Are the Rangers going to ask?

So what is Larry Brooks implying here? Are the Rangers going to ask him to waive? Well according to Brooks no team has even inquired so I’m not sure that’s the case. The truth is, I don’t think the Rangers will ask. If Henrik wants to go it will be him initiating the conversion and it will be kept under wraps unless teams are interested.

This question will not go away anytime soon. Matter of fact, until the deadline passes and Lundqvist is traded or remains, it will persist. Welcome to speculation season folks.

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