Brian Leetch Leaves Dept. of Player Safety – Let’s All Jump To Conclusions

Does Brian Leetch want to join the NYR coaching staff? (AP)

Does Brian Leetch want to join the NYR coaching staff? (AP)

Brian Leetch will not return to the headache that is the Dept. of Player Safety. Rumor has it that he became concussed by the stupidity and politics that come with the job.

All jokes aside, his departure has already fueled fan speculation that he will join Alain Vigneault’s staff this season.

Honestly, it makes logical sense. Daniel Lacroix has left to join the Canadiens coaching staff, leaving the “eye in the sky” position vacant. We think it’s just a ploy so that the Rangers can have access to Canadiens’ practice. Yes – that’s a joke.

Alain Vigneault will certainly look to fill the position, but does Brian Leetch want it? Does Alain Vigneault want Leetch? These are all fair questions to ask. They will be answered before September when the team starts up camp.

Of course, everyone remembers Leetch telling Dan Rosen of that he would’ve joined Messier’s staff if he became coach of the Rangers. That would entail moving his family from Boston to NY. In addition, he also admitted never even considering coaching before that. So why would he do it now? Maybe the Rangers run gave him the itch? We will see.

For now, jumping is good exercise – so bounce around from conclusion to conclusion and get your cardio in for the day.

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