Canadiens will hold decision on Max Domi due to diabetes, will Rangers do the same with Kaapo Kakko?

The Montreal Canadiens announced today that they will wait 7-10 days before deciding if Max Domi will participate in the playoffs this summer. Montreal’s young forward has Type-1 diabetes and both sides would like to take more time before making a final decision.

Rangers expect to have Kaapo Kakko in camp

As of now, there does not appear to be a similar decision coming from the Rangers with Kaapo Kakko who is also diabetic. “If the doctors and the world of science told us not to play him, he’s not playing, it’s that simple,” John Davidson said recently. “We’ve had many discussions with him (Kakko). He’s been tested, he’s good.”

Kaapo Kakko has been cleared to play at this time, but JD wanted it understood that the decision will ultimately be Kakko’s if he feels more at risk for getting COVID-19.

“As of right now we look to have him in the lineup,” JD affirmed. “If there is a change that comes along and they say we don’t think he should be playing, he’s not playing.” Regardless of all the science and doctors’ clearance, Kaapo must be comfortable as JD clarified when answering. “It’s his decision remember, and (he) wants to play, and talks to his family, he’s playing.”

Kaapo Kakko will need to pass a PPME (Bruce Bennet/Getty Images)

The decision could be taken out of Kakko’s hands

A Finnish site, Suomi Kiekko had a misleading headline recently that read, “NHL line: Kaapo Kakko is not allowed to participate in the playoffs”. Nothing could be further from the truth.

What the author does is take the language of the RTP plan about players having to go through a Pre-participation Medical Exam (PPME), and jump to the conclusion that because Kakko has type-1 diabetes, he will not play.

While true that Kakko and ALL players must go through the exam, as John Davidson stated, they expect to have him in the lineup. The 19 year-old rookie has already gone through testing and is in NY training with teammates getting ready for Phase 3.

Ask yourself, if the Rangers, their medical doctors, and infectious disease specialists, didn’t think he could pass the exam, why would they fly him out of Finland?

You can expect to see Kaapo Kakko’s name tomorrow morning when the Rangers release their roster.

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