If you didn’t know before, AV doesn’t see Clendening as a fit

Girardi sports a swollen ankle and the Broadway hat after beating the Ducks (NYR)

Yesterday, Larry Brooks wrote an interesting piece about how the Rangers should approach the trade deadline. I suggest everyone read it by clicking here.

One interesting tidbit that came out of the article was this…

Yes, the market is open, even for early shoppers, but while the Blueshirts — who are now responding en masse when opponents take liberties with one of them — could use more bulk and grit for the playoffs when time and space are at a premium, their primary objective has to be to add a puck-mover on the blue line.

What’s that, you ask? Adam Clendening? Suffice to say that if Alain Vigneault went on Sunday with Marc Staal, who was throwing up when he reported to the Garden, rather than Clendening, well then, No. 4’s ship can be safely said to have sailed.

So rather than play a healthy Clendening, he opted to go with a vomiting Staal? That doesn’t sound like a coach who believes in a player. I don’t know, maybe for all the successful dump ins people want to highlight (zone entries) and passes out of the zone, it can’t overshadow the calamity he is under pressure in his own zone.

Will He Get the Call Tonight?

At practice today, Dan Girardi did not skate. His ankle was swollen after blocking a 1000 shots against Anaheim in a big Garden win. (Note….every block was a negative corsi event). Clendening was paired with Staal at practice and Holden was moved up to McDonagh. But will Girardi play anyway?

Personally, give Girardi’s ankle a rest…it looked pretty bad. However, if Clendening doesn’t go tonight in favor of Girardi’s swollen ankle then you can expect that Clendening will likely be moved at the deadline for a mid to low draft pick.

For the record, that will probably happen anyway.


P.S. Enjoy the funny video below:

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