Why I Am Embarrassed To Be a Rangers Fan Today

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I’m not usually one to speak out about stuff like this, but it really bothered me last night. Sitting next to me at MSG was a man who was taking notes on the game. Today I found out that it was the Pittsburgh Penguins’ general manager, Jim Rutherford. And there is nothing wrong with what he was doing. But on the other side of the aisle were a few drunk and rude Rangers fans who were taunting the man, calling him KGB, a spy, and Nazi. And because of all of this harassment, Mr. Rutherford picked up his stuff and walked away from the situation.

As someone who has been living and breathing Rangers hockey since birth, I was appalled at the behavior I witnessed. It is one thing to jeer the players, the coaches or the referees. But when you start going after a man peacefully sitting in his seat, minding his own business and doing his job, you have crossed the line.

I’d like to apologize to Mr. Rutherford for the way he was treated last night. It was unacceptable and not the behavior that Rangers fans should be exhibiting, and I was a bit embarrassed sitting there. The excuse of “they were drunk” shouldn’t be tolerated here. There are certain ways to behave, and for grown adults who should know better, it was disgusting to see.

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