FBI now involved in K’Andre Miller incident

The FBI is now involved in the investigation that was initiated last night by both the Rangers and the NHL. If you are unaware, Rangers prospect K’Andre Miller was in the middle of a Q&A session with fans when someone hijacked the ZOOM chat and spammed a racial slur towards him. Both the Rangers and the NHL issued joint statements followed by an avalanche of support from friends, teammates, and fans alike.

Rangers Shaken

Last night I spoke with a team representative to express our support for K’Andre Miller and the organization. Based on our conversation the team is actively looking for the culprit(s) that hijacked the Zoom Q&A. Everyone in the organization is “shaken up” by the incident especially since the Rangers are one of the most progressive and inclusive teams in sports. Sadly, there are some trying to blame the Rangers for this incident or are upset with how long it took them to respond. 

Miller (Charles Wenzelberg)

Aside from Miller, the Rangers needed to support their digital media department that conducted the Q&A who were also deeply impacted. Then the organization reported the incident to the NHL and they released statements in conjunction just seconds apart. Hopefully those angered by the anonymous cretin(s) stop looking to misdirect their anger at one of the classiest organizations in all of sports.

We offer K’Andre and all those that were directly impacted our love and support. Glad that the Rangers and the league are investigating the situation.

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