Scariest goalie masks in Rangers history

When it comes to hockey players, goalies can really let their personalities stand out. First off, you have to be a bit crazy to let people basically shoot frozen rubber bullets at you any way. Enjoy these great masks and the goalies who wore them for the Rangers.

Steven Valiquette and the Spider-Man mask

Steve basically had a cup of coffee for the NY Rangers playing 39 games over the span of 5 years. Now he’s on MSG’s post games discussing a web of analytics numbers. Although his mask isn’t horrifying, it would scare you if you were a criminal. Go Spider-Valley!

scariest rangers goalie masks
Stephen Valiquette – Spiderman

Gilles Gratton, the Tiger

Remember when I said goalies were a little off? Well, Gilles was bat shit crazy. One of his nicknames was The Count, here’s his explanation why: “In my last life I was a Spanish Count and one of the things I loved to do when I was a count in Spain was take all the commoners, line them up against a wall and throw rocks at them.” -yup, nuts. He played one season in NY in 1977.

Gilles Gratton - ROAR!
Gilles Gratton – ROAR!

John Vanbiesbrouck, Oh My! Bees!

The Beezer was one of the Rangers great netminders. He played 449 games for the NY Rangers over 11 seasons getting his first action as an 18 year old for 1 game. Everyone remembers Beezer’s cool Florida Panthers helmet, but in NY he did have a “killer” of a mask too, sporting BEEZ (get it).

John Vanbiesbrouck - Killer Bees
John Vanbiesbrouck – Killer Bees

Johan Holmqvist, the Monster

First off, WHO? Yes, I know – but this is about goalie masks now isn’t it. He played 4 games for the Rangers over a brief 99 game NHL career. His mask probably earned him 98 more games.

Johan Holmqvist - Monster mask
Johan Holmqvist – Monster mask

Cam Talbot, Who You Gonna Call?

This Rangers backup made quite the splash when he joined the Blueshirts. His love for the Ghostbusters franchise was plastered all over his helmets. Here is his 2014 version.

Cam Talbot mask
Cam Talbot mask

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