Does Henrik Lundqvist spread himself too thin?


From time to time, “some” Blueshirts fans (mostly on the lunatic fringe) ask if Hank’s focus is really on hockey. These emotionally challenged hockey fanatics usually come out after one of those rare bad nights most goalies have.

It is no secret that Henrik Lunqvist leads an eventful life off the ice. From his love of fashion, to his band, his hockey camps and his foundation, it seems that Hank always has some activity to attend.

With his packed social life in addition to his demanding hockey schedule, does Hank spread himself too thin? Does his social schedule affect his level of play?



The Henrik Lundqvist Foundation was founded to grant wishes to children with serious illnesses. Hank often visits sick children in the hospital and attends other fundraiser and events for charity. He is also a spokesman for the Garden of Dreams Foundation which works mostly with Madison Square Garden and hosts charitable events and grants wishes to sick kids.

Hank can also be spotted attending other sporting events such as the US Open or rocking out with his band The Noise Upstairs.

He is often interviewed about his sharp look, usually involving a perfectly tailored suit. This Vanity Fair best dressed man also has his own sportswear, the Crown Collection which benefits the Garden of Dreams Foundation and is exclusively sold at MSG.



He is a well known face for not only the New York Rangers, but the NHL on the whole. But he isn’t just well known for his style and dashing good looks, he’s also known for high level of play. This past year he had a .920 save percentage during the regular season and a .927 save percentage during the playoffs. So much for overloaded!

Lundqvist SAVE %

Lundqvist SAVE %

A look at his career save percentage and you can see that Henrik is at the top of his game. Last season, his start was abysmal and yet he still finished with a .920 save percentage. The league average was .911.

Some athletes thrive on keeping busy, but others can’t handle it. Hank is the type of player who has a great work life balance and can be focused on his game when he needs to be. While he may have lots of events to attend when it’s time to start training for the season once he steps on the ice – it’s all hockey.

So the next time someone says Henrik is more concerned about his looks or fashion week, have a laugh and BELIEVE IN THE KING!

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