If the Rangers are going to make any trades they’ll need to do it before the season starts

No one really knows what this pandemic is going to look like months from now. While there’s a promise of a vaccine on the horizon, the logistics and speed to which it can be distributed and administered will vary by state.

An unintended consequence of COVID-19 will be the ability to make trades in the NHL next season. Teams are going to be handcuffed and restricted once they get into their respective hybrid bubbles.

If the New York Rangers are thinking or working on any trades, they’ll need to do it before the season start.

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Making trades will be difficult next season

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Gorton has some decision to make (NHL/CBSsports)

When the season eventually starts there will still be plenty of travel restrictions and quarantine protocols to follow. It’s for those reason many feel trades will be hard to execute.

Imagine trying to make a trade to help your scoring woes and still having to wait two weeks to get said player? And while it would be easier to trade within your potential bubble division, which GM is going to try and help Jeff Gorton beat him out of a playoff spot? None and that includes Gorton himself.

Any trades will need to happen early

Penguins GM, Jim Rutherford went on record saying he’s unsure of what the implications to the trade market will be next season. In his mind he sees very little activity during the season, at least during the early going.

“It may mean as the season goes along these restrictions get eased off a bit, and maybe you can start to do stuff, but these are some of the things I’ve started to think about,” Penguins GM Jim Rutherford told the Athletic. “Like, you better get as many guys in place as you can because it may not be easy for somebody when the season starts.”

Can Jeff Gorton improve any positions of need like center or defense? Does he even want to at this time is also a relevant questions. Still there are logistics to consider that may have to expedite his decisioning.

Bottom line, if Gorton or any GM has a need they feel a trade can address, it would be best to do it as soon as a new season start date is announced. This will allow time to work out the deal, and for any quarantine protocols to be followed. Traded players can then be in camps with their new teams in time for the season.

Once the season starts, trades will likely come to a grinding halt.

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