Kaapo Kakko can play for the New York Rangers but the final decision is his to make

Kaapo Kakko is reportedly on his way back next week to partake in the New York Rangers opening of training camp on July 10th. In a recent Zoom conference, John Giannone asked team President John Davidson if Kaapo Kakko will play. JD’s response was based on conversations with doctors and Kaapo Kakko himself.

Kaapo Kakko Will Play for the New York Rangers

“If the doctors and the world of science told us not to play him, he’s not playing, it’s that simple,” John Davidson led off. “We’ve had many discussions with him (Kakko). He’s been tested, he’s good.” As of this moment, Kaapo Kakko has been cleared to play but JD wanted it understood that the decision will ultimately be Kakko’s who’s a diabetic and could be at increased risk for COVID-19.

Kakko needs to shoot more (Jared Silber / Getty Images)

“As of right now we look to have him in the lineup,” JD stated. He then went into further details, “If there is a change that comes along and they say we don’t think he should be playing, he’s not playing.” Regardless of all the science and doctors’ clearance, Kaapo must be comfortable as JD clarified when answering. “It’s his decision remember, and (he) wants to play, and talks to his family, he’s playing.”

John Davidson on Kakko’s Season

The topic of Kaapo Kakko and his season also came up. JD stressed how hard this league is, especially for a 19 year-old but he saw flashes and knows he’s going to be a good player in this league.

For JD’s complete response on Kaapo Kakko watch the video below:


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