Legendary Rangers enforcer Tie Domi mocks “tough guy” Scott Stevens

If you were around for the epic battles between the Rangers and Devils, then you know who both Tie Domi and Scott Stevens are. Domi, probably the smallest heavyweight in NHL history feared no one. Proof positive when you look back at his epic battles against the greatest bruiser in NHL history, Bob Probert. As for Stevens, he was one of the game’s greatest hitters and basically ended Paul Kariya’s career with a bomb.

Tie Domi

Domi who made a big splash with his antics, was a big wrestling fan and used some references like Randy “Macho Man” Savage’s raised finger wag. He cemented his place as a legit heavyweight when he “took the title” from Bob Probert in 1992 at the Garden.

Scott Stevens

Scott Stevens was a great player that anchored a dominate Devils blue-line that won several Cups. Stevens was one of the greatest open ice hitters the game has ever seen. Of course, not all of his hits would be well received in today’s game and are downright illegal. He in essence ended the career of Paul Kariya who was never the same after a blindside hit in the 2003 Finals.

Domi Calls Out Stevens

On a recent podcast hosted by former enforcer Cam Janssen and reporter Andy Strickland, Tie Domi dished on his playing days including his epic battles against Probert. However, when Stevens came up he unloaded and called him a phony tough guy. He specifically highlighted how he would target guys for hits but never answered the bell for it. Domi even highlighted the infamous 1992 brawl in the playoffs where Stevens hugged Domi and would not let go to fight.

Here’s the brawl and totally worth the watch.

Maybe Domi has a point?

It’s hard to argue with Domi’s assessment of Stevens. In the 2000 playoffs, Stevens caught Domi with a big hit. When Domi got up to face him, you can see Stevens basically running and hiding. Well done Tie, well done.

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