New York Rangers 2022-23 schedule released: Open versus Lightning at Garden

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Jun 1, 2022; New York, New York, USA; A general view of Madison Square Garden before game one of the Eastern Conference Final of the 2022 Stanley Cup Playoffs between the New York Rangers and Tampa Bay Lightning. Mandatory Credit: Danny Wild-USA TODAY Sports
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The NHL has released and with that the New York Rangers 2022-23 schedule. Next season the team will open against the Tampa Bay Lightning on October 11 at Madison Square Garden.

Puck drop for the home and season-opener is slated for 7:30 PM.

One of the most notable item in the Rangers schedule is they will only play the New York Islanders and Philadelphia Flyers three times next season.

Per the New York Rangers press release:

  • New York is set to play in 16 sets of back-to-back games, beginning with their first two road games in Minnesota (Oct. 13) and Winnipeg (Oct. 14). 
  • Twenty-six games will take place on either a Saturday or Sunday. Nine of those contests will be at home. 
  • Nineteen games will be played on Thursday, the most of any day of the week.
  • The Rangers are set to play in seven games starting at 4:00 PM local time or earlier, including four at 1:00 PM local time. 
  • The Rangers’ longest homestand of the year is a five-game stretch from March 14-21 (vs. WSH, PIT (2x), Nashville, Carolina). 
  • New York will have three road trips that includes four games (Nov. 17-23, Feb. 11-18, March 4-12), its longest trips of the season.

For information on Rangers season memberships, visit or call 212-465-6073.

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Tue. Oct 117:30 PMMSGTampa Bay
Thu. Oct 137:00 PMAWAYMinnesota
Fri. Oct 147:00 PMAWAYWinnipeg
Mon. Oct 177:00 PMMSGAnaheim
Thu. Oct 207:00 PMMSGSan Jose
Sun. Oct 235:00 PMMSGColumbus
Tue. Oct 257:00 PMMSGColorado
Wed. Oct 267:30 PMAWAYN.Y. Islanders
Sat. Oct 291:00 PMAWAYDallas
Sun. Oct 305:00 PMAWAYArizona
Tue. Nov 17:00 PMMSGPhiladelphia
Thu. Nov 37:00 PMMSGBoston
Sun. Nov 65:00 PMMSGDetroit
Tue. Nov 87:00 PMMSGN.Y. Islanders
Thu. Nov 107:30 PMAWAYDetroit
Sat. Nov 127:00 PMAWAYNashville
Sun. Nov 136:00 PMMSGArizona
Thu. Nov 177:00 PMAWAYSeattle
Sat. Nov 197:30 PMAWAYSan Jose
Tue. Nov 227:30 PMAWAYLos Angeles
Wed. Nov 237:00 PMAWAYAnaheim
Sat. Nov 261:00 PMMSGEdmonton
Mon. Nov 287:00 PMMSGNew Jersey
Wed. Nov 307:00 PMAWAYOttawa
Fri. Dec 27:00 PMMSGOttawa
Sat. Dec 37:30 PMMSGChicago
Mon. Dec 57:00 PMMSGSt. Louis
Wed. Dec 77:00 PMAWAYVegas
Fri. Dec 97:00 PMAWAYColorado
Mon. Dec 127:00 PMMSGNew Jersey
Thu. Dec 157:00 PMMSGToronto
Sat. Dec 177:00 PMAWAYPhiladelphia
Sun. Dec 186:00 PMAWAYChicago
Tue. Dec 207:00 PMAWAYPittsburgh
Thu. Dec 227:00 PMMSGN.Y. Islanders
Tue. Dec 277:00 PMMSGWashington
Thu. Dec 297:00 PMAWAYTampa Bay
Sun. Jan 15:00 PMAWAYFlorida
Tue. Jan 37:00 PMMSGCarolina
Thu. Jan 57:00 PMAWAYMontreal
Sat. Jan 71:00 PMAWAYNew Jersey
Tue. Jan 107:00 PMMSGMinnesota
Thu. Jan 127:00 PMMSGDallas
Sun. Jan 155:00 PMMSGMontreal
Mon. Jan 167:00 PMAWAYColumbus
Thu. Jan 197:00 PMMSGBoston
Mon. Jan 237:00 PMMSGFlorida
Wed. Jan 257:00 PMAWAYToronto
Fri. Jan 277:00 PMMSGVegas
Mon. Feb 67:30 PMMSGCalgary
Wed. Feb 88:00 PMMSGVancouver
Fri. Feb 107:00 PMMSGSeattle
Sat. Feb 117:00 PMAWAYCarolina
Wed. Feb 157:00 PMAWAYVancouver
Fri. Feb 177:00 PMAWAYEdmonton
Sat. Feb 188:00 PMAWAYCalgary
Mon. Feb 207:00 PMMSGWinnipeg
Thu. Feb 237:30 PMAWAYDetroit
Sat. Feb 253:00 PMAWAYWashington
Sun. Feb 265:00 PMMSGLos Angeles
Wed. Mar 17:30 PMAWAYPhiladelphia
Thu. Mar 27:00 PMMSGOttawa
Sat. Mar 43:00 PMAWAYBoston
Thu. Mar 97:00 PMAWAYMontreal
Sat. Mar 115:00 PMAWAYBuffalo
Sun. Mar 124:00 PMAWAYPittsburgh
Tue. Mar 147:00 PMMSGWashington
Thu. Mar 167:00 PMMSGPittsburgh
Sat. Mar 188:00 PMMSGPittsburgh
Sun. Mar 197:00 PMMSGNashville
Tue. Mar 217:00 PMMSGCarolina
Thu. Mar 237:00 PMAWAYCarolina
Sat. Mar 255:00 PMAWAYFlorida
Tue. Mar 287:00 PMMSGColumbus
Thu. Mar 307:00 PMAWAYNew Jersey
Fri. Mar 317:00 PMAWAYBuffalo
Sun. Apr 21:00 PMAWAYWashington
Wed. Apr 57:30 PMMSGTampa Bay
Thu. Apr 67:00 PMAWAYSt. Louis
Sat. Apr 87:00 PMAWAYColumbus
Mon. Apr 107:00 PMMSGBuffalo
Thu. Apr 137:00 PMMSGToronto

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