New York Rangers ready if NHL goes with an online draft

The league postponed the NHL Draft earlier this week and is now looking at three possibilities to conduct it. While the league and host city Montreal would love to just do it in full at a later date. They are also discussing a smaller version with just team executives and scouts, or doing it all online. Regardless, Montreal has been reassured they will host a draft in the next few years if they can’t do this one.

New York Rangers Ready

Yesterday, John Davidson sent a message out to fans asking them to stay home if they can so we can all get back to normal. He also provided this interesting update with regards to the NHL draft:

The Rangers organization along with Jeff Gorton and Chris Drury have scouts all over the world that are quarantined…but they all have computers. One day there is going to be an NHL Draft. We are doing our part looking at games everyday, having communications via the computer really doing some thorough work. Trying to do our best under the circumstances as a group.

John Davidson

Bottom line, the message reveals that the Rangers are prepared for the NHL draft no matter what form it will be in. The remarks about their telecommuting infrastructure to conduct business is also reassuring. I assume like most companies, the Rangers are not using an unsecured network to conduct business. They likely have VPN’s in place to make sure integrity is maintained.


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