NHL 94 or NHL 95? We fire up the SEGA Genesis and answer New York Rangers style


The NHL Draft has passed, Ilya Kovalchuk took the money in L.A., John Carlson stays in Washington, and John Tavares doesn’t want to talk to the Rangers. What to do, what to do?

How about firing up the old SEGA Genesis and pitting two of the greatest hockey games against each other. How about doing it with a Rangers-centric flare? Well in the video below you get that and a little Forever Blueshirts fun in between.

Note on the video: It’s over 25 minutes long and contains two games in full (5 min periods) with commentary and some “Easter Eggs”. If you choose to skim through the video, just keep your eye on scoring changes. Enjoy!

NHL 94 vs. NHL 95

Graphics: Slight edge NHL 94. I just love the crowd and setup menu more. The in game graphics is a nominal difference. Long live Ron Barr!

Gimmicks: Skating with the Cup after the playoffs gives NHL 94 the edge big time. Throw in the breaking glass on shots, and the glass smacker makes it the hands down winner between the 2.

Note: In the video, I wrongly remark that you could make heads bleed like in that infamous scene in Swingers, but they took that out in 94 and removed fighting in order to obtain a license from both the NHL and NHLPA. For the record, in Swingers they were actually playing NHLPA 93

A.I.: It’s not even close, NHL 95 takes it. Harder to score those out of the corner goals or those blue-line slapshots. If I am not mistaken, they actually revamped the entire engine and were met with backlash, so they reverted back to 94 engine in the NHL96 version.

Game play: As you heard in the video, the stick handling, passing, one-timers, are all better in NHL 95.

And the Winner Is…

When it comes to the overall game play, I prefer NHL 95 easily over 94. Still, I find myself a lot more engaged while playing 94 in playoff mode. The injuries, breaking glass, the guy smacking the glass, and skating with Lord Stanley at the final buzzer can’t be ignored.


If you guys are fans of either game you need to check out these two sites for more!

NHL94.com for NHL 94

SEGATHON.com for NHL 95

Would love your thoughts and feedback below.

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