NHL Draft Lottery: Can the Rangers beat the odds and shock the hockey world again?

The NHL Draft Lottery is set for tonight at 7 PM. Can the New York Rangers beat the odds to shock the hockey world again? If the Blueshirts can pull off the upset for a third consecutive time, the meltdown from some GM’s would be epic and I’m all for it.

Last month, lottery odds were announced. Some outstanding questions as to how the Seattle Kraken would place and what do with the Arizona Coyotes forfeited pick were also answered. With the Lottery drawing set for this evening, every team knows their chances to win.

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Draft Lottery Odds

Per the NHL:

The allocation of odds for the 1st Lottery Draw of the 2021 NHL Draft Lottery is as follows:

SeedTeamOdds (#1 / Top 2)
1Buffalo Sabres16.6% / 31.6%
2Anaheim Ducks12.1% / 23.8%
3Seattle Kraken *10.3% / 20.5%
4New Jersey Devils10.3% / 20.5%
5Columbus Blue Jackets8.5% / 17.1%
6Detroit Red Wings7.6% / 15.4%
7San Jose Sharks6.7% / 13.6%
8Los Angeles Kings5.8% / 11.8%
9Vancouver Canucks5.4% / 11.1%
10Ottawa Senators4.5% / 9.3%
11Arizona Coyotes **3.1% / 6.4%
12Chicago Blackhawks2.7% / 5.6%
13Calgary Flames2.2% / 4.6%
14Philadelphia Flyers1.8% / 3.8%
15Dallas Stars1.4% / 2.9%
16New York Rangers1.0% / 2.1%

Seattle Kraken assigned No. 3 seed with same lottery odds as No. 4 seed (10.3%).

If Arizona’s ball is selected, it will be a redraw. Odds for landing in the top 2 per Tankathon.

New York Rangers lottery win would be epic

The New York Rangers missed out on the post season and will get a lottery ball for either the #2 or #1 pick in the draft. There’s no rule this season that would prevent the Rangers from jumping all the way into the top two.

The New York Rangers have had the luck of the ping pong balls in two successive draft lottery drawings. In 2019, they jumped from 6th to 2nd overall and selected Kaapo Kakko. That may have irked a few teams, but the 2020 drawing saw them as an ousted team in the qualifiers land the 1st overall pick, Alexis Lafrenière. A jump from 11th to 1st was a bridge too far and even had some saying it was rigged.

new york rangers draft lottery
The lottery ball of destiny for the Rangers (NHLI/TSN)

While Lafrenière was getting set to star on Broadway for the next decade plus, Detroit picked 4th. Steve Yzerman and the Red Wings were livid behind closed doors and let the NHL know about it. Calls for change were demanded and they got what they wanted. It may be only a small change this summer, but 2022 will be everything Yzerman and other GM’s asked for. Still, the Rangers and Lady Luck can rattle some cages again.

Now wouldn’t that be something if they won it three years in row. Just how nuts do you think the league would go if the Blueshirts could jump into the top two again? Bring on the mayhem.

Prospect Rankings: Owen Power likely to go first overall

Owen Power is likely to go first overall at the 2021 NHL Entry Draft based on Central Scouting’s rankings. The 6-6, 213 lbs blue-liner notched 16 points as a rookie with Michigan in the NCAA. He’s currently with Team Canada at the World Championships at the tender age of 18.

nhl draft lottery odds
Owen Power likely to go first overall (University of Michigan)

“I think any kid that plays hockey also wants to go No. 1 if they can, so everyone dreams about it,” Power said via NHL.com. “Obviously it’d be a huge honor to me and my family, and we’d be really excited, but at the end of the day that’s also something I can’t really control.”

Here are your Top 5 North American skaters:

  • Owen Power (D, NCAA)
  • Mason McTavish (C, OHL)
  • Kent Johnson (C, NCAA)
  • Luke Hughes (D, NTDP)
  • Dylan Guenther (RW, WHL)

Full N.A. Rankings here.

Here are your Top 5 European skaters:

  • William Eklund (LW, Sweden)
  • Simon Edvinsson (D, Sweden)
  • Aatu Raty (C, Finland)
  • Nikita Chibrikov (RW, Russia)
  • Fedor Svechkov (C, Russia)

Full Euro Rankings here.

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