No need for panic on Kreider, but Rangers must proceed with caution

Chris Kreider went down early in the 2nd period last night. The collision in and of itself was not remarkable in any way, until you notice afterwards Zibanejad’s knee connected with Kreider’s head. As the veteran got to his knees and paused shaking his head in a disappointed motion the drama started to unfold. From the ice as Kreider started to skate off gingerly to social media platforms panic started to spread.

The Collision and the Aftermath

The reaction from media and fans went to concern of course but with the caveat of trade deadline implications. First and foremost, the concern should be solely on the player and their well being. It is understandable to make the connection since we talk about players as assets, but they are humans. Now that we know Kreider is day to day and will be alright I can say that there was never a need to panic about the trade deadline.

Proceed with Caution

Last night David Quinn relieved a ton of fans when he said that Kreider would be day to day and that he was a lot better than expected. The coach was even asked if it was a concussion to which he said “no, upper body”. So the Rangers and Kreider dodged a bullet, especially since they want to make the playoffs and would need his secondary scoring behind Panarin.

Regardless, the Rangers need to be very cautious either way and hold him out a few games. Because no matter which way they go at the deadline, he is a big part of the future in some way, shape, or form.