Olympic Rangers In Danger

Crash! There was Erik Karlsson in practice slamming into the New York Rangers bread and butter, Henrik Lundqvist at practice. AT PRACTICE!

NYR Carl Hagelin showing battle scars (Photo: Sven Lindwall)

NYR Carl Hagelin showing battle scars (Photo: Sven Lindwall)

Yes, these are the dangers of sending your multi-million dollar prized assets to compete in a tournament that has no benefit to the NHL or their teams. But if you believe in the greater good, then the participation of these world all-stars benefits the game of hockey in general.


Carl Hagelin was hurt in Sweden’s last game, as he left early to an apparent leg injury but is also sporting a sweet lip injury too. He says he will be ready to compete in Team Sweden’s next game.

Erik Karlsson has apologized to Hank according to Puck Daddy’s website 500 times! Any injury to Hank would capsize the Blueshirt’s season for sure. Daniel Alfreddson said “We can laugh at it now because it wasn’t too serious, but it gave everybody a big scare.” Oh yeah Alfie, it’s hysterical.

Maybe Karlsson is still angry at Hank for beating them in the playoffs? Because he also hit Hank high with a shot in warmups causing a bit of discomfort before the last game. Of course I am being facetious. Regardless, these Olympics are giving me heartburn.

So get out your candles and pictures of our NYR Olympians. Set up a little shrine and say your prayers that our boys come home in good shape. Let’s Go Rangers!

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