Ranger coach David Quinn is holding players and the league accountable


When David Quinn was hired there was one word that kept coming up over and over again…


That word was immediately applied to how he would hold the players accountable but it doesn’t stop there. In his young NHL career that accountability has touched the NHL as well.

Whether it’s his sarcastic “Whoop dee doo” when an NHL official apologized to him for a terrible call against the Islanders or his recent comments on NHL rules about practice, he doesn’t hold back. David Quinn speaks his mind and shows his emotions behind the bench or at a presser, no question. The only question is, will he eventually get a call from the Bettman and Co. to pipe down? If he does, I can’t wait to hear his response.

Quinn’s Best Hits
Whoop Dee Doo!

Before Tuesday’s game, Quinn was asked whether he could see the work the Rangers do at practice translate to the games. He said, “No.” Surprising considering how much emphasis he and the organization invest in practice. He also expressed incredulity that anyone would raise an eyebrow over practicing an hour, the way the Rangers do more often than not.
“An hour. An hour, really?” he said, before observing that the NHL is becoming “a no-practice league.” Well, considering the Rangers were a no-practice team the last few seasons, there was reason to think that.


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