Rangers and Ryan Strome nearing a new deal

The Rangers and Ryan Strome are making progress on a new one or two year deal per a source familiar with the situation. Although they waited almost to the last minute to qualify Strome, they eventually did after seeing what the trade market had to offer.

Ryan Strome arbitration date is set for November 5th

The Rangers and Ryan Strome are 13 days away from their scheduled arbitration hearing. The two sides are still negotiating money and that will dictate if this will be a one or two year deal.

The Rangers currently have around $10 million in cap space to sign both Strome and Lemieux. Reality is that number is close to $7 million because of performance bonuses. So if we anticipate Lemieux to come in between $1.5 million, which I feel will be closer to $2 million, that leaves the Rangers very little wiggle room for Strome.

What is a reasonable deal for both sides

Ryan Strome contract
Ryan Strome (Getty Images)

Ideally the Rangers would like to get Strome in around $4 million to $4.5. Of course that is a marginal raise to his current $3.1 deal. If they get to arbitration, he could receive over $5 million and put the Rangers in a bind.

A one year deal that will allow him to become a UFA next season could likely come in under the $5 million range. Adding another year is buying free agency from Strome and thus push it to the $5 to $5.5 million dollar range.

Of course, the Rangers managed to get Tony DeAngelo who was 4th in scoring for defenseman at an AAV of $4.8 million. That was on a two year term and should give an indication that Strome should come in around the same.

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