Did the Rangers attempt a sign and trade with Tampa for Stamkos?



The Rangers have been heavily mentioned in the NHL rumor mill as much as any team in the NHL. And while we are still waiting for the seismic deals they are rumored to be making to happen, we are still left speculating.

We at FTNYR, have been covering the Rangers trade rumors extensively for months. Dare, I say among all the Rangers’ blogs out there, we are probably doing the best job of it too. Hey! A little self promotion doesn’t hurt.

When it comes to Steven Stamkos we’ve been all over it. You can just search Stamkos in our nifty little search bar to the lower right.

I have written why the Rangers should go after the Free Agent of a Lifetime here. I’ve also been trying to gather as much information as I possibly can about the rumored “offer” the Rangers made for Stamkos at the draft based on what Sportsnet’s John Shannon said.

“I heard on the floor this morning that there is a big offer, potentially,because they can’t talk money,” Shannon said. “Watch the New York Rangers in the Steven Stamkos derby.”

He continued, “That team is one that people haven’t looked at because of their cap situation. That might change.”

Today, Sportsnet wrote an article citing how a possible sign and trade worked out between all three parties could resolve the Stamkos sweepstakes before Friday’s opening bell of Free Agent Frenzy.

In essence, TB would be able to sign him for the max term of 8 years and send him to his desired destination as well. It was something GM, Steve Yzerman actually discussed on draft day.

“Never given it a thought so maybe I should think about it,” Yzerman said when asked about the sign-and-trade scenario at the entry draft last weekend. “It’s an interesting idea … well losing him for nothing or losing him for an asset? I’d love to get an asset for him.”

So did this happen between Jeff Gorton and Steve Yzerman? I asked Mr. John Shannon himself.

If so, what was the offer and why did it breakdown? Is it possible Rick Nash was going the other way and Yzerman demanded the Rangers retain some salary or were they asking for Kreider and more? Did Stamkos tell Yzerman he doesn’t want to go to the Rangers? Honestly, all of this would just be more speculation on my part.

There you have it, as much as a confirmation as I could get my great readers. Let’s see how this plays out.

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