Rangers legend Mark Messier files lawsuit for losing a $500,000 investment

By Anthony Scultore
Mark Messier (NHLI/CP)

New York Rangers legend and NHL icon Mark Messier has filed a lawsuit versus Destiny Bioscience. An Alberta based cannabis company led by CEO Ed Moroz.

The lawsuit claims that Destiny Bioscience used Mark Messier’s celebrity status to raise $30 million in funding.

Mark Messier was told it’s a sure thing

mark messier
Patrick Ewing with Roddy Piper and Mark Messier (Yahoo)

According to investigative reporter Rick Westhead of TSN, Messier agreed to be a “good will” ambassador for the company. While other investors were taking their chances, Messier claims he was given a guarantee. He was told he wouldn’t lose money and invested 400,000 shares of Destiny at $1.25 a share.

“Destiny was not a sure thing,” Messier now admits. “Quite the opposite. It was a worthless company propped up by nothing more than Moroz’s grandiose promises.” As of this report, these claims have yet to be proven in court and statement of defense has yet to be filed by Moroz.

Read Rick Westhead’s Full Report starting here:

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