Rangers Legend Mike Richter speaks about climate change and impact to hockey

Lundqvist and Richter

Mike Richter spent 14 years manning the net at Madison Square Garden, he has since been politically involved as a businessman and environmentalist. He has been an advocate for the “Go Green” movement, but has a moderate and sensible approach to what has become a “hot button” topic.

Richter talks Climate Change and Impact to Hockey

Recently, Richter was in DC to give a speech on climate change to the Senate Committee. TMZ Sports caught up with him to ask about his thoughts on the issue. The entire interview is below but his main point is that climate change should be taken more seriously, and that as we make advances in energy more people should look to adopt them.

Unlike the headline TMZ uses, Richter isn’t “begging” the President or anyone else to take it seriously. He calmly goes over the facts and explains how the shift in temperatures have impacted hockey as ponds are freezing later and melting sooner. Richter even addresses what many feel is hypocrisy of climate activists flying around in private planes. Overall, he comes off extremely rational and exemplary as to how discourse on this important issue should be conducted.