Vigneault explains San Jose collapse and bounce back heading into Montreal

Glass (Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

Glass (Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

The Rangers look to keep the good vibes going after two impressive victories against Florida and Boston at home. Of course, this is in Montreal and they have struggled on the road.

In Goal…

Antti Raanta will make the start against the Habs and should do a solid job…as long as the Rangers continue to play well defensively. Alain Vigneault did speak at practice yesterday that he may be trying a few different things tonight and it will be interesting to see exactly what they are considering he wouldn’t commit to it.

Explaining San Jose Collapse

i-2What was an interesting take away from AV’s presser was how he really wasn’t concerned after the Rangers fell apart against San Jose. “Mind you, in the back of my mind, not the players because obviously you sensed their disappointment and frustration,” AV began. “That was our 3rd game in three and a half days and 5th game in seven and a half days,” as he laid out the reality of the harshness of their schedule.

So while many fans, bloggers and journalists flew off the handle for their lack of compete in that 3rd period in SJ, AV already knew that game was going to be a physical and mental challenge. Again, many of us are so looking to find reasons not to believe in the coach and this team that we can’t add up the factors that can go into a lousy performance like that. This was only driven home by the Rangers last two dominant contests against playoff opponents in the East.

Praise for Tanner

Have you noticed how so many of the fancy stats bloggers and those Rangers fans in that crowd haven’t been able to belittle the play of Tanner Glass? Sure, they still make their snide remarks that when Oscar Lindberg gets a game in to stay sharp, AV would never even consider removing his class pet, Tanner.

Well comments lack that are now met with a snicker from those that appreciate Tanner’s play which includes a high level of physicality. Whether that be reminding Matt Belesky that he didn’t forget the late hit that broke Derek Stepan‘s ribs or the 28 hits he delved out in his last 5 games (including 10 in a win at Anaheim), Glass has been excellent.

Oh! He also has a goal and an assist in those 5 contests. Tanner Glass has earned his spot…fancy stats be damned.


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