Rangers Are Playoff Bound, Or At Least 99.7% Sure

The Rangers have almost clinched the playoffs (USATSI)

The Rangers have almost clinched the playoffs (USATSI)

Hello playoffs, here we come. According to Sports Club Stats, the New York Rangers are a 99.7% favorite to make it. Hopefully, this info will calm down that small portion of the fan base that lives on the lunatic fringe.

The Rangers rocked the Oilers on Sunday after a sloppy loss to the Flames. You would have thought the Blueshirts lost 10-0 and were eliminated from playoff contention with some. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth.

Looking ahead the Rangers are on track to face the rival Flyers as the 2nd seed by 79%. It’s a match-up that would test the Rangers resolve and toughness. NY have the Flyers in goal and on defense, with the Black & Orange having a slight edge up front. The challenge for the Rangers will be to get out quick and healthy if they intend to advance against likely 2nd round opponent, Pittsburgh.

Another possibility, albeit low, are the Blue Jackets. A match-up I would soon avoid. The Jackets are tough as nails, and play gritty, grinding and ugly hockey. The likelihood of that contest is about 14%.

Here is the link to Sports Club Stats. What are your thoughts?

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