Rangers Roundup: EA Sports sims Alexis Lafreniere’s career, and ridiculous rumors

Alexis Lafreniere apparently is going to have a Hall of Fame career according to EA Sports NHL 2021. According to the simulation, Lafreniere will play over 1500 games, score over 1650 points and win two Stanley Cups.

Oddly enough, EA Sports also simulated two Stanley Cups for Kaapo Kakko’s career. I’m sure Rangers fans are hoping for more.

Welcome to the ridiculous portion of the offseason

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Barzal offer sheet? C’mon man (Getty Images)

As someone who has now been running a hockey related website for seven years, I understand how difficult it is to come up with content. Especially when things slow down and we enter what I call hockey’s Off-offseason.

That’s why we start seeing things that border on “really?” to “embarrassing”.

Let’s start with Sami Vatanen, which was brought up on a segment for NHL Network. While it isn’t outlandish, it still makes no sense considering how old Vatanen is, the gluttony of right-handed defenseman, and that funny thing called a salary cap.

Then you have the clown prince of throwing spaghetti on the wall for clicks, even outside of the off-offseason. Eklund who has over 100K followers and a successful website claims a “source” told him the Rangers were going to offer sheet Barzal.

I can’t even begin to start with just how much he ignores with this nonsensical claim. It’s almost as if he doesn’t even try to be credible. For laughs, I shared this with someone on the Rangers side who reacted with, “everyone knows this is a joke, right?”

There is absolutely no validity to this nonsense.

So GM’s are up in arms over The Draft Lottery

Check out the latest from the GM meetings here.


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