Rangers Roundup: Henrik Lundqvist and Bauer helping fight the Coronavirus

In the fight against Coronavirus, there’s many ways we can all help. Obviously for the regular person, staying home, practicing social distancing, and washing your hands are good enough. Hang tight, I’m one of you too. On the other hand, Henrik Lundqvist and Bauer are helping in their own way.

Lundqvist donates $100,000

Bauer Building Coronavirus Masks

The hockey equipment company Bauer is working on a face shield to help protect health care providers fighting Coronavirus. According to Mary Kay Messier, VP of Global Marketing and sister to Rangers legend Mark Messier believes these shields will help.

“We’re just so fortunate to have such a talented employee base that’s also really passionate,” Mary-Kay Messier, Bauer vice president of global marketing, said Wednesday. “Protecting athletes has been in our DNA, part of our heritage, since 1927. This is an opportunity to shift gears. This is a time that none of us has ever experienced before. You think about hockey being team first and then you also think about the greater community and how connected we are, I think this felt similar in that we needed to unite in this most uncertain time and [have] everybody pick up an oar and start rowing.”


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