Rangers Roundup: Kampfer extended, fuzzy math, more 4th line please

Kampfer (Getty)

Late last night, the Rangers extend defenseman Steven Kampfer for two years.

This is an excellent signing considering the NHL expansion draft and likely changes on defense coming this summer. The entire contract can be buried in the AHL and not hit the cap as well.

Fuzzy Math

Listen, I really don’t have a problem with people providing information using a mathematical formula. It is interesting to say the least, but you can’t bet your house on that info either. The joy of sports is its unpredictability. The quest to be able to do so is admirable but usually ends in folly.

Here’s Spreadsheet Samurai Stephen Burtch who makes a living creating tables, charts, etc…

Now here are his updated numbers…

I’m not even trying to justify how his math appears to be showing a Boston v Edmonton Final…because I don’t care. His math obviously isn’t taking into account the Rangers previous playoff experience or the fact that they could likely have the easiest road to the Final. Oh…and Henrik Lundqvist.

No matter what his math says, this flies in the face of reality of what happens on ice. They peddle the belief that math is the only absolute truth you can trust, but we all know that isn’t always the case. Just use Google.

The majority of the analytics community hide behind advanced stats because it is safe. When they are right they puff out their chests and say, “I told you so”. When they are wrong they use the outlier defense, adjust the numbers until it fits their p.o.v., or just say, “well that’s what the numbers said.”

and this gem…

See what I mean. There are NO Rangers’ fans who think this Steve. However, a few fans challenged your numbers and you went on the defensive. Like I said, I’m sure Steve is a bright mathematician but no matter how hard he tries, there is no statistical formula that can predict what will happen on the ice….and thank God for that.


Last night the Rangers 4th line showed the top three lines how to play. The unit of Lindberg, Fast and Glass played straight up and down hockey with great effect. They controlled play and out shot their opponents. They did so while I watched the other three lines try and force their way into the zone to only get rubbed out and the puck sent the other way. To make matters worse, when the top 3 lines did gain the zone, they would inexplicably reverse and peel back.

Please…keep it simple tomorrow. Play north/south and get more pucks on net. Montreal was playing back and standing up at the line all night. That’s your queue to dump it in and make them work. I said it before the series started, the Rangers stars need to make those in game adjustments if they want playoff success.

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