Rangers Roundup: Nash Arrives, Malone Speaks and Stralman is Ticked Off



Unofficially, hockey is back! Sure, these are all “informal” skates around the league – but the “coolest game on Earth” is back! Which means – drama in RANGERSTOWN!


Let’s first begin with the news that Rick Nash has finally made an appearance at “practice”.

Can we all calm down now? It’s not like he was the ONLY Ranger not to show up for the other “informal” skates. Here is a shocking insider exclusive: The Rangers didn’t lose the FINAL because of Rick Nash.


Some good news on the Marc Staal contract front as per the Daily News:

“We have had some productive discussions with the Rangers with the goal being to secure a long-term extension for Marc,” Paul Krepelka of The Orr Hockey Group wrote in an email to the Daily News.


Anton Stralman is mad at the Rangers. He recently had some scathing remarks about the organization in a recent Swedish interview.

“I wanted to be there and it seemed that the Rangers wanted to keep me well. I was fully set to be left and the dream was also to be allowed to stay there. We, both me and the family has moved around enough. Now we lived in New York and we wanted to stay there.”

Stralman didn’t stop there, I’m extremely disappointed with what happened. Since (the Rangers enlisted), Dan Boyle and then I understood what they were doing. Of course you then get very frustrated and angry. I think you could have the respect to tell me earlier that you wanted to go a different route.”

Anton admitted the Rangers made an offer and his side countered. After that, the Rangers didn’t respond to the counter. Here’s my bottom line, if you really wanted to not uproot your family, why not take the Rangers initial offer. As fas as I’m concerned, Tampa overpaid.


“I’d like to publicly apologize to Mr. Vinik and the Tampa organization. They’re a first-class organization, Mr. Vinik has done so much for the community there. I obviously wish them the best.”

That statement is a testament to the character many of the players in the league feel about Ryan Malone. He is an all-around “good guy” who made a mistake and realizes how lucky he was that no one was hurt because of his stupidity.

That being said, he must walk the straight and narrow path for the rest of his life to really repair his image.

As for hockey and his opportunity with the Rangers, Jim Cerny of Blueshirts United gave Malone the floor.


SNYRANGERS did a great job of breaking this down. 

What will be interesting to know is which Rangers teammates at the time led Boogaard to Jordan Hart.

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