Rangers Roundup: NHL working on plans, Wild Card Playoffs and more

Here’s your latest news and notes on this fluid situation.

Bill Daly and the NHL working on next steps

Wild Card Playoffs

The fair way to do this is to return to a shortened regular season of 76 games and let the chips fall where they may. But if this postponement goes over 30 days, the NHL will be forced to jump into the playoffs. So how about 2 playoffs? 

Similar to Friedman’s proposal allow the top 4 teams in wild card reach in each conference battle it out. That’s easy to say in the West where Minnesota is 3 points up on Arizona and played one less game. In the East it gets interesting because the Panthers and Rangers are separated by 1 point and 1 game for that 4th spot. So let them play a 1 game playoff for it.

Once that is settled, have 1 play 4 and 2 play 3 in a one game showdown for the two wild card spots and the right to play in the Stanley Cup. The winner of each game gets in. This could all be done within 2 days, and 1 venue if needed. To me, if you eliminate the regular season, this is the only fair way to decide it.

MVP Panarin

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