Rangers Roundup: Trade speculation, Kreider-AV tiff overblown, and more

Kreider (NYR Twitter)

Kreider (NYR Twitter)

Kreider v. AV?

Larry Brooks recently created a bit of a stir with his latest piece. I think most of it was due to his attention grabbing headline of Kreider miffed at Rangers coach over quick benchings.

However, when I read it I didn’t really pickup the vibe the headline let off.

Here’s what Kreider said: “But I think that when you’re working hard and doing the correct things in the defensive zone, but maybe the flow isn’t quite there offensively, it would be nice to be able to get the opportunity to work through that.”

Now this is what AV said: “I don’t think it’s all on Chris; Mika has not been at the top of his game. They’re both working extremely hard, watching a lot of video, in trying to get to the level we need. I’m not sure I’m going to split them up, but it’s definitely in the back of my mind.”

It sounds to me that Kreider isn’t happy about it, but understands he has to be better. On the flip side, it seems that AV is more upset with Mike Zibanejad who has been very inconsistent as of late.

Totally overblown.

Trouba Trade?

Jacob Trouba has re-signed with the Jets for 2 years. He even rescinded his trade request. That still doesn’t stop rampant speculation that he will be traded.

I’m here to tell you it isn’t happening.

Remember, just like all other teams being faced with choices on whom to expose to the expansion draft this summer, the Jets wanted to make sure their future on defense was secured.

Brady Skjei moving up

Brady Skjei is making an impact and getting noticed. The kid has been one of the Rangers best defenseman in the last few games. His play has now earned him a spot in the top 4. When the Rangers play Saturday he will be paired with Marc Staal and balance out the units with Kevin Klein moving down to play with Nick Holden.

Rangers Prospect Goalie Brandon Halverson voted Trump

It looks like the only Ranger that weighed in on the election was Brandon Halverson.

I am not here to judge his choice, to agree or disagree because in America we have the right to free speech. Shockingly enough he did not receive too much backlash for his tweet.

On the other hand, the day after the election I told my Twitter followers to be respectful and classy to one another whether your candidate won or loss. I said that’s how America wins. Sadly, I was told “No or to F*ck off!” for putting out a message of unity.

I finally deleted the tweet after someone called it a “hot take” and then followed it up with that I was normalizing racism, sexism and xenophobia in America. No, there was no need for me to delete that tweet, but I did because I didn’t want to deal with triggered people’s backlash on my hockey account.

For the record, the overall reaction to the tweet was highly positive. Still, it’s a small group that can make the most noise and cause problems. Sad state we are in my fellow Americans….sad state.

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