Rangers Tank Watch 3/12/18

AV Tank (ForeverBlueshirts Photo Edit)

The NHL Draft Lottery Drawing is expected to be held on April 28th (NHL regular season ends April 8th). On that day, the NHL will draw 4 balls determining picks 1-4. This will all be done off camera so fans can scream “conspiracy” when Chicago wins the #1 overall pick from #9 spot (as of today). The remaining teams will then pick from 5 on based off of points.

For more on how the lottery works read this.
Rangers today: Rank 24 out of 31 teams with 67 points and 13 games remaining.
Tank Watch

Based off of Tankaton, the Rangers have a 5.8% chance of winning the 1st overall pick and an 18.3% chance of getting into the top 3.

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