Recap: 12/17/16 Rangers at Predators

Hank saves Arvidsson backhand attempt (Photo by John Russell/NHLI via Getty Images)

Amidst some sloppy playing today and a slew of turnovers both in their own zone and the neutral zone, the Rangers managed to pull off win number two since The King reclaimed his throne.

Back-to-Back Opening Goals

Typically when players return from an injury where they sit for a few games, it takes a bit to warm back up to playing speed. Thankfully, this isn’t the case for Rick Nash who likes to show us exactly why he’s earned that “A.” A beautiful feed from Hayes led to the

The Rangers really need to do something about their soft passes that inevitably lead to turnovers. The second and third period were riddled with mistakes that, had Hank not been on his game (he’s baa-aack!!) could’ve led to a totally different outcome Saturday night. Stepan and Miller both made poor puck decisions, one of which led to Fisher’s goal.

No Score in Overtime Leads to Shootout 

The Rangers had a few chances in overtime, but kept the gameplay tight for the most part. One particularly good moment that had me nearly leaping off my couch came when Kreider had the entire open night but angled the puck just a tad bit too much. Instead of going in, the puck skid across the crease behind Saros…darn.

With very few shots on goal for both teams, the overtime clock ran out.

Nashville elected to open the shooting and Ryan Johansen was the first to challenge Hank, who swatted the puck away and said “no way!”

First up for the Rangers was none other than Jimmy Vesey, who received a lot of boos and his own “Vesey sucks!” chants. He showed the Predators how it’s done in their own house, then received a raucous cheer, presumably from the many NYR fans in attendance:

After Craig Smith missed the net in round 2, Zuccarello finished it off, though not with his typical deke shootout move. I fully expected him to fake out the goalie, but alas it wasn’t to be. Honestly, though, who cares, it was still pretty!

Rangers finish it off with the win, despite some sloppy errors. With Hank back in form, all is right in Rangerstown once again as the team goes on a two-game winning streak. They’re back at it tomorrow night at 7:30 at home, taking on the Devils.

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