Return of the Softshirts! Will Jeff Gorton DO ANYTHING about it?

Softshirts (Getty)

Two games in a row where the Rangers were outmuscled and abused. Two games in a row where over the course of the game they were physically worn down and abused. Two games in a row where the result was a loss…against division rivals.

I added a video below if you care to watch that explains why being physical matters. It is an epic rant (where I certainly add some of my comedic side to it), that will certainly upset the corsi crowd.

Hey! I’m not alone in this thinking either. Larry Brooks has been writing about it in the NY POST all season. And he, just like me gets ridiculed by the same people. Here’s what he wrote today.

Still, if there’s a shift-disturber available for a reasonable price, it is incumbent upon the general manager to go out and get him. For one after another, the Blue Jackets and Caps each pounded and heaped physical abuse on a Rangers team that, for all good intentions, just isn’t equipped to play that game. – NYPOST

So today is trade deadline day. If Jeff Gorton doesn’t want to watch this team bowled over in the first round this season…he needs to address this GLARING DEFICIENCY!

Go out and add someone who can skate and throw the body. Go out and get some grit for this vanilla lineup. Go out and change the dynamic of the softest team in the NHL today.


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