Rick Nash sets franchise record, leads league in scoring and is a new daddy

Rick Nash - (Getty)

Rick Nash – (Getty)

Tuesday night against the New York Islanders, Rick Nash scored two goals. The game was a New York Rangers loss but Rick Nash is the hottest player in the National Hockey League. He’s leading the league in points(7) and goals(6).

With the two goal game at Madison Square Garden, Nash set a franchise record. No player has ever scored six goals in the first four games of the season before. He’s scored at least a goal in all four games for the Rangers thus far into the 14/15 season.

Rick Nash left Sunday’s game against the Toronto Maple Leafs after scoring a goal in the first period. His wife Jessica went into labor and Nash was given permission to be with her at the hospital. His son was named McClaren which is Rick Nash’s middle name.

The NY Post captured this quote from the new dad when asked if his son now puts hockey in perspective. “I wouldn’t relate my child to hockey,” Nash said. “That’s all family, and that’s in a separate pot. And that’s life in the big picture. Hockey is a sport that I love, but I don’t think I’d compare it.”


All the best to the Nash Family from all of FullTiltNYR and FTHN. All the writers and staff want to wish mother and son the best of health.

I began watching the Rangers in 1990 when I was 9 years old. Soon after a lifelong friend of mine introduced me to playing the game itself. I started with roller skating and then moved on to ice hockey. Concussions on and off the ice forced me to quit playing competitively although I coached a few midget teams throughout NY City. I enjoy studying the game and it's evolution. The major change in todays game involves possession and advanced statistics. In my estimate you cannot form a truthful opinion of a player or team without first looking over stats in these catagories such as zone starts, Corsi/Fenwick(Close), Quality of Competition(QoC), and PDO (AKA Puck Luck) while that player or team is on the ice.