Rick Nash to the Sabres rumors? Please stop the madness!

Larry Brooks Nash article that started it all (NYPOST)

Larry Brooks Nash article that started it all (NYPOST)

Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman is at it again! Yesterday on Calgary’s Sportsnet 960 he discussed the Rangers exploring the idea of trading Rick Nash. Let’s start with that right there. As per Larry Brooks’ article title that started it all, he uses the word IF! So why is this speculation looking like fact?

TSN’s Bob McKenzie did follow it up by saying he believed the Rangers would likely explore the option, and like Brooks noted that Rick Nash has some say in where he goes thanks to his contract. But here we have Friedman pouring gasoline over a small burning bush looking to start a forest fire.

As per Today’s Slapshot, here is what Friedman said:

“To me, the most interesting thing about that is yes he’s carrying a big number, but he scored 42 goals in the regular season. If you ask any coach right now what’s the hardest thing about the NHL, it’s getting into the playoffs. Never mind winning the Stanley Cup – it’s getting in. Boy, the New York Rangers without those 42 goals? I’d be very curious to see what the deal’s going to be there.”

“The team I think to watch in something like this is a team like Buffalo. They already went out and they got Evander Kane. I could see them being interested in a player like Nash too. Tim’s a bit aggressive that way. But again, I’m not 100 percent convinced that one’s going to happen.”

Why is Friedman talking as if the Rangers are GOING TO MOVE NASH? It was never written as if it was definite. On top of it all, he does note that Nash has some say but fails to mention that Buffalo was not on the list he submitted before being traded to the Rangers. So I ask, why would a team with no shot to contend for several years be on his list now? They wouldn’t.

Also, who on the Sabres today would be able to replace Nash’s offense aside from possibly Evander Kane whom they just acquired? You might say Matt Moulson, but they just signed him to a new 4 year contract. Plus, it would likely be a combo of players and last I checked, I don’t see a package that would put the Rangers who are a “win now” team over the top.

Note: Sabres roster below. 

At least Brooks had three legit players from St. Louis coming back in exchange. T.J Oshie, Alex Steen and Jaden Schwartz would all help immediately. Friedman mentions nothing about possible player and simply speculates as if he talking at a water cooler with his buddies in the office.

Listen, are the Rangers possibly exploring trading Rick Nash? Sure! They probably would also listen to offers for any player on their roster if the return was ridiculous enough. Will the Rangers trade Nash? I say there is a slim to none chance right now.

The Rangers window to win the Cup is still wide open next season. Now if they look like they won’t be making the playoffs, to which I doubt, then it may come up again at the deadline. Should the Rangers not win the Cup next year, then I say it is highly likely they will move Nash and his 7.8M cap hit off the books.

To be fair, I really like Friedman’s work and will continue to read and respect his work, For now though, all Friedman seems to be doing is trying to draw more attention to himself.

Hey…I could be wrong!

Sabres roster/cap per Hockey Buzz

Sabres roster/cap per Hockey Buzz

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