Rick Nash On The Verge Of An Explosion

Rick Nash is about to explode. (Getty Images)

Rick Nash is about to explode. (Getty Images)

18 games, that’s it. 18 playoffs games is all we have to evaluate Rangers’ superstar Rick Nash’s playoff career.This season all we have are two post season games to assess, and already Ranger fans are yelling for his head. To be fair, it’s only a handful of fans, but the negative ones are always the loudest.

Number 61 has two assists and 13 shots on goal in the early going of the 2014 NHL Playoffs. His 13 shots rank 2nd among players this post season. Eventually, those pucks will wind up in the back of the net. However, impatient fans want big Rick to score, like yesterday.

The peanut gallery came out in full force after the Rangers terrible game two loss. Most blaming Rick Nash for not scoring. When presented with the fact that he had 6 shots on goal, many said they were all soft shots and from the outside. Well, here’s a fancy stat for you, the distance of his 13 shots this post-season is 10 feet! Here’s a graphic of his shot selection from game 2:

Rick Nash shot graphic (@rangersmurf)

Rick Nash shot graphic (@rangersmurf)

It’s clear proof that Rick Nash is getting into those “dirty” areas to score. And he’s willing to go there. Before the playoffs started Rick Nash told Sean Hartnett of WFAN“I think everyone should have a chip on their shoulder to perform and get the job done. Last year, we finished off not the way we wanted it to. I think it’s important to go into the playoffs with that chip on it.”

The 29 year old winger wants it and he is hungry. To call him soft based on his 10 points in his brief 18 playoff game career, is not only silly, it’s unfair. For his career, Rick Nash has scored on 12.4% of his shots in the regular season. In the playoffs it’s a lowly 2.9% which points to a tidal wave of goals that are about ready to come.

Rick Nash is coming in waves so far this post-season. As each wave hits the barrier that is the opposition’s goal, the weaker it gets. When the dam breaks, there will be no holding back the big man. “I’m as hungry as ever for a championship” Nash told reporters before the playoffs started. We’re hungry too Rick, now go light it up.



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