Rumor: Rangers and Blues talking blockbuster deal

Shattenkirk (STL)

Shattenkirk (STL)

Let me first cite who the source is: Eklund of the infamous blog, Hockey Buzz. And second, why should he just get the clicks from this nonsense? All joking aside, let me at least address it from a more rational standpoint.

Here’s the rumor per his blog:

Quick update from snowy Philadelphia…

A text from a source just came through saying the Rangers have serious interest in Kevin Shattenkirk and could part with Yandle plus a “highly ranked prospect…”

Here’s what you need to know if you didn’t already. The Rangers are going to have to make a decision on Keith Yandle due to the fact that he is an impending UFA and can walk away for nothing. That means while Anthony Duclair lights up the desert, we will have nothing to show for it.

In St. Louis, Kevin Shattenkirk has been discussed in the trade rumor mill for a long time. The 26 year old defenseman is also going to be a UFA in 2016/17 and will command a deal of close to 6M per on the open market. Recently, Bob McKenzie said this on TSN radio via Today’s Slapshot.

“There has been a lot of talk on Kevin Shattenkirk, but I think it might have got – I don’t want to say ‘overblown’ because sure enough, once I say that, he’ll probably turn around and get traded – but I don’t think that the St. Louis Blues were real eager or are real eager to make the move for Shattenkirk right now.

“They may have a longer term issue in terms of whether he fits into their long-range plans and the finances of it, and they may ultimately have to part ways with him. But I think they want their best shot at winning the Cup, and trying to get through Chicago and the other tough teams in the division. I think they still look at Shattenkirk as a guy who can create offense from the blueline, and is probably part of the picture in the short-term – that is, for the balance of this season.

“But I think they’ve got to be open to any and all ideas and they are trying, obviously, to increase their offensive arsenal up front. Sometimes that means having to move what you have for surplus.”

So, if you are to take the more reliable Bob McKenzie at face value, if the Blues opt to trade Shattenkirk it would be for scoring up front. That makes sense, but it isn’t crazy to think that the Blues wouldn’t take a player like Yandle and a highly touted prospect for Shattenkirk.

The Blues would be in the same situation with Yandle, albeit a year early but will have gained a prospect. However, how does this make sense for the Rangers who would possibly struggle to resign Shattenkirk in the future and then will have lost Duclair and a prospect to boot? It literally doesn’t add up.

Listen, could the Rangers land hometown boy Shattenkirk? Sure! Still, who is this highly touted prospect? Pavel Buchnevich? Brady Skjei? Are you serious! It will never happen.

Trades are coming for the New York Rangers, of that I am absolutely sure. I think that Yandle is at best 50/50 to be moved. Other players are also up there if it helps improve the team and I wouldn’t put anything out of play for Jeff Gorton.

Glen Sather is no longer the GM and Gorton wants to make sure this window to win doesn’t close without at least one championship. Let’s see what happens, but I doubt it will be what someone snowed in and bored in Philly is thinking.

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