Sather turned down trade offer of 2 second round picks for Talbot from either Buffalo or Calgary

Talbot (Getty)

Talbot (Getty)

Darren Dreger noted earlier this afternoon that Glen Sather has already rejected a proposal of two second round picks for Cam Talbot. A quick glance at who holds 2 second round picks and the teams rumored to be interested in Talbot makes it easy to deduce who it may have been.

Here are the teams that hold at least 2 second rounders:

ARI (3), BUF (2), CGY (3), CLS (3), EDM (2), NJ (2) and OTT (2)

As noted by Today’s Slapshot:

[su_quote cite=”Today’s Slapshot” url=””]”I would have thought based on the information that I had gathered last Thursday that a deal could have happened as early as the weekend and it didn’t. So now it’s Tuesday and Cam Talbot is still with the New York Rangers…He’s the focus, I’m told, of the Oilers and the Buffalo Sabres, but they still have to find a way to get a deal done. I’m not certain of what has been offered from Edmonton’s perspective. I’m told that there was a team that offered two second round picks for Cam Talbot and that didn’t close the deal. “So Sather and Jeff Gorton and management types of the New York Rangers are still on a bit of a fishing expedition. But I still think that a deal gets done and Edmonton is absolutely near the top of the list for Talbot.” [/su_quote]

So, if you eliminate the Oilers based on Dreger’s above comments and you weed out Columbus and NJ who have clear #1 goalies in place, the list dwindles. Now take out Ottawa who is looking to move a goalie and Arizona who has not been rumored in any goalie talks and you see that the team rejected was either Calgary or Buffalo.

My best guess is that it’s Calgary. Last week, Dreger mentioned them as one of the team’s interested and this week they no longer appear in the mix. The Flames have Hiller and should be fine going into next season.

Now if it was the Sabres then this opens up for a much better scenario for the Rangers. A bidding war between Edmonton and Buffalo could bring maximum return for Talbot. It should be noted that many believe that Peter Chiarelli is looking for a defenseman for the #16 pick.

More info to come as the GM’s are meeting in Vegas.

On a side note the NHL salary cap has been set at 71.4M. Head over to our Flagship Site and read more.

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