Season Ticket Holders pay the price of the Rangers Performance

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As of late, Rangerstown has seen two diverse energies of presence on the ice. For the past month, the Rangers have failed to show up when they needed to and sometimes changed the momentum on the ice for better outcomes. Time is narrowing down to the trade deadline and playoffs are around the corner. The most financially invested of the fan base may feel a lightness in their pockets for this upcoming postseason if the Blueshirts do not make an appearance given their unpredictable performance aside from the recent improved play.

Thus far for the 2017-18 season, Season Ticket Holders have been enduring a lot of changes with the 15% increase of their Season Ticket plans and struggling in selling their tickets compared to the All-for-One ticket options. Within the next month, Season Ticket Holders are being informed that their decision in renewing their membership for the upcoming 2018-19 season has to be communicated among their brokers. Given the Rangers standings at this point of the season, there is the increasing probability that the Blueshirts may not be making an appearance in the postseason.

In the case that becomes a reality, Season Ticket Holders will be faced with a blessing and a curse. No fan enjoys witnessing their team losing and not performing up-to-par at this point of the season however, STH may just blow a fuse. Season Tickets are an investment that STH make for their indulgences but, also to witness the magic that occurs in the Garden when the Rangers take the ice. Therefore, if the Rangers do not succeed this season, many STH may view their investment as a poor financial decision given the outcome they did not expect has occurred.

On the other hand, Season Ticket Holders will financially benefit by not having to provide payments upfront for postseason packages and the potential increase for their season tickets. Each season that the Rangers qualify for playoffs, STH are provided with a short timeframe to determine their stance in going forth with the extended season and providing a payment that feel as similar to their payments for their regular season seats.

Blueshirts Foretelling

As of mid-January, several loyal Season Ticket Holders have been contacted by their representatives to introduce the renewal of the new upcoming season. Most of the representatives made it a point to meet with their clients to discuss the projected season and to answer the concerns of their loyal and true.

Recently, I have interviewed fellow Season Ticket Holders to develop a synopsis of what the upcoming season may hold for them. Nancy*, a well-seasoned Season Ticket Holder, has shared detailed insight of her recent meeting with her representative. The purpose of Nancy’s meeting was to ultimately address the common concern amongst STH regarding the increase in prices for season tickets. She explained, “The account representative, Jeff*, did not emphasize pricing but notified her that if the Blueshirts do not make playoffs, there will not be an increase on the ticket packages for the upcoming 2018-19 season as there is a big change coming.

The reasoning he implemented as for not having an increase on these packages was: ‘The Rangers aren’t a winning team this season.’” Therefore, Season Ticket Holders may review their invoices to realize their ticket pricing will reflect similar numbers to this current season or less. The renewal period for Season Ticket Holders had begun on February 1st and will be active until the 9th of March to ensure more time for payments to be processed with the pricing for their current ticket packages at 12% deposit.

Changes are Amongst Us

Rangerstown has been forewarned that a huge change is amongst the organization within the previous weeks. This change, which is expected to be a rebuild of some sort, is determining the projected expectations for the Rangers and their loyal fans. Season Ticket Holders are anticipating significant changes within their upcoming seasons through recent confirmation of details regarding the Rangers organization. The roll call for Season Ticket Holders may fall drastically as a direct link to how the Rangers have not been performing up-to-par however, this season may indicate stability in the pockets of the tried and true for seasons upcoming.


(*) Names were changed to protect their privacy.

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