Shattenkirk’s desire to play for the Rangers is known, but Jeff Gorton won’t overpay either way

Shattenkirk (STL)

Shattenkirk (STL)

This is a follow up to my story that Shattenkirk is trying to position himself for a move to the Rangers. Without him openly saying,”I want to be traded to the Blueshirts”, but by being unwilling to talk an extension with any other team, it essentially means that.That doesn’t mean he may not change his mind if Boston really wants him, but as of right now, he still dreams of being a Ranger one day soon. He is also just one year away from controlling his destiny when he becomes a UFA next summer.

I think if the Rangers and Blues can’t come to a mutual trade agreement this offseason, he will likely be moved at the deadline to the highest bidder as a rental. Then he will hit the open market and try to sign with the Rangers then.

Jeff Gorton Won’t Overpay Either Way

Today, I spoke with someone close to the team that acknowledges Shattenkirk’s desire to play here, but doesn’t think Jeff Gorton will meet his price – either way. That means what Blues GM, Doug Armstrong wants or what Shattenkirk may be looking for contractually.

The Blues want a king’s ransom for Shattenkirk, but they are at a disadvantage and Gorton knows it. This offseason, we have seen just how wise Gorton has been with his signings and the trade for Zibanejad.

According to Darren Dreger, he stated a source close to the Blues indicated Shattenkirk wants Alex Pietrangelo money. In 2013, Pietrangelo signed a 7 year deal with an AAV of 6.5M. The person I corresponded with indicated to me that Gorton isn’t interested in signing Shattenkirk to that type of a contract.

Rangers Could Use Shattenkirk

There is no doubt that Shattenkirk’s 14 goals from the back end would be a real boost to the Rangers. His 6 power play goals would also be a boost to the Rangers pathetic PP. However, is he worth 6.5M? Make no mistake, if he hits the open market next summer, he will get it. The big question is, if Shattenkirk REALLY wants to play here would he sign for 5.5M? That’s a big question too.

So, we know he wants to play here and that’s what is fueling all this speculation. Bottom line, if Armstrong won’t budge there will be no deal. Should he lower his demands, the other hurdle is just how much of a hometown discount Shattenkirk would be willing to give.

That is the nature of the beast for these kind of rumors. We will all just have to wait and see how it plays out.


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