Talbot expected to be traded this week, will Senators throw a monkey wrench into the works?

Talbot (AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill)

Talbot (AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill)

Cam Talbot is on the verge of being traded. Some of the NHL insiders are predicting a move during the Awards Show in Las Vegas this week. Some believe the Rangers are going to score a windfall in the deal, while others think only a decent return will come. What they all agree on is this, Cam Talbot WILL BE TRADED.

Darren Dreger tweeted this out earlier today:

What should be noted are the exclusions of Florida and Calgary who last week were supposedly in the mix. Another thing to pay attention to is Dreger’s continued belief that the Rangers will be getting an excellent return. Last week he felt the Rangers would hit a “home-run” and that came off the tail end of rumors that the Oilers were willing to give up their 16th pick of the draft. Dreger also feels that the fact Talbot can only be extended this coming January is not a detriment unlike Elliotte Friedman’s take.

Friedman spoke again on radio this morning and added this on the Talbot deal via SNYRANGERS. [su_quote cite=”Ellliotte Friedman” url=”https://snyrangersblog.com/2014-15/2014-15-players/cam-talbot/cam-talbot-trade-rumors/edmonton-may-be-unwilling-to-give-up-16-for-cam-talbot/#more-149392″] Two schools of though on Talbot. One GM tells me that he is concerned about giving up a mid to high first rounder for him because you can’t extend him until January 1st. You are sitting there worried that you give up a lot and then you can’t sign him. Another GM said that he is on a one-year deal and the price is low and we like the player and it’s a good contract and we aren’t worried about that. Two schools of thought, no doubt he will be traded just not sure it will be for the 16th pick.”[/su_quote]

For the most part, this take seems to contradict what Dreger is reporting. What it does corroborate is the fact that there are GM’s out there that are not worried and feel that his low contract is perfect for their needs. Still, where’s the truth? Like always, it is somewhere in the middle.

Could the Rangers land the Oilers 16th pick? The answer is yes. What we really don’t know is what are other teams offering? Hockey Insider Bob McKenzie just dropped this piece of info this afternoon.

This could hurt or help the Rangers. If the Senators have come off their ridiculous asking price for a top 6 forward, they could move Robin Lehner and thus heat up the bidding on Cam Talbot. However, if it is the Oilers who bite, then the remaining teams may not be the suitor we were looking for.

San Jose is an older team and less likely to give up high draft picks. If that is what the Rangers are looking for, it could eliminate SJ leaving just the Sabres and Stars. Both teams are young and likely to move a good draft pick, just don’t expect one earlier than the 2nd round. Multiple 2nd round picks could be the haul and/or a good prospect. Still, none of these are what the Oilers could be willing to give for Talbot whom they’ve long coveted.

Ryan Lambert of Puck Daddy doesn’t feel that Talbot is worth a much as many believe. In his feature today “What is Cam Talbot Worth”, he compares Ben Scrivens numbers to Talbot and shows that over time, Scriven has better numbers. Edmonton gave up a third round pick for him. Lambert question why the Oilers would give up too much more for Talbot.

The truth is out there…and we will find out this week what it is.

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