Tanner Glass addresses his ” haters” and calls them what they are “uneducated”

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The Rangers have evened this best of seven, second round series against Ottawa thanks in no small part to Tanner Glass. Yes, the much and often maligned heart and soul player that relies on intangibles like grit and toughness that “new age hockey fans” hate.

Addressing the Haters

For the second time in these playoffs, Tanner Glass has had to address silly questions about his game that are driven by the advanced stats community. The first time came after game 1 in Montreal where he scored the game winning goal.

Glass was asked about being in the lineup based on analytics and if he was glad his coach played a hunch. A hunch? How insulting, but Glass answered that with class and explained how analytics are great but as of today they don’t measure everything.

Last night, it happened again. The fact that he needs to answer these questions are insulting enough, but this is what he had to say.

“My game’s not one that’s easy to like at times. People who know hockey. Your coaches. Your teammates. Those are the important people and they’re supportive,” he said. “You know what? The people who do say those things don’t know much about the game, or being part of a team. Part of a locker room. Especially in a game like hockey. It’s a physical game. There’s so much that goes on, that the average fan doesn’t understand. To me, when I hear that stuff, it seems to be uneducated people.” via Puck Daddy

If you thought Tanner Glass was done being cheered after the game was over, you were wrong. All over social media, plenty of fans weighed in on his comments, but the most epic response game from the crew on NHL Network. They posted his quote and then gave him a standing ovation.

New Age Hockey Fans STILL Don’t Understand Glass’ Value

Even after two games and 3 assists later, there is a significant portion of fans that claim Glass has done nothing and having Pavel Buchnevich in the lineup would have resulted in the same result. While that may be true, you are still dealing in IFS. What is known is that Glass has had a significant impact for the Rangers and especially his 4th line teammates.

Why? Is it because of his corsi? At 47% it’s ok but not great. Or how about this new fangled favorite stat, P/60 (points per 60 mins of play) which leads the team with a staggering 4.96 (Oscar Lindberg is the closest regular with 2.49). Well it’s stats like these that those in the stats community are shielding themselves behind. Their defense? Well, if he always played like this we wouldn’t complain. Another one I see is, “this isn’t about him as a person”, as they try and explain why they’ve given him such crap over the years.

Well….I’m calling BULLSHIT! And no, you don’t get let off the hook using “this was never about Tanner Glass the person”. You know why? Because the constant maligning and badgering on  blogs and social media have given license to a sizable contingent of fans who have said some horrible things about Tanner Glass. Sorry guys, but you own that.

Click Here and Here is you want some relatively PG examples.

The bottom line is simple, if you don’t understand that fancy stats can’t measure all aspects of the game then you are as “uneducated” as Glass says. You obviously have lost sight of all the intangibles that are an integral part of sports, especially hockey. In essence many have become stats blind and it’s a shame.

Glass and Buchnevich Going Forward

Let’s be clear about something now, Tanner Glass has always played this style game. It is a simple north/south style where he forechecks and makes life a living hell for the opposition. The only difference now, the puck is going in the net for him and his linemates. It won’t last, and as soon as it doesn’t the same people will be screaming for Buchnevich during the game.

What will last is the same hard nosed edge that makes life difficult on the opposition defense. His game also allows the rest of the team to play a little bigger, as former player’s like Ron Duguay and Steve Valiquette have said during post game shows.

As far as those of you screaming for Buchnevich, he will likely get another chance in these playoffs. Especially if the Rangers advance and play a more skilled team like Pittsburgh. Should the rookie get back in, AV needs to get him on the 3rd line because he isn’t suited to play on a 4th. It just isn’t his style to go out and forecheck and play defense first for just 9 minutes.

Ultimately, this is all the current argument is about. Tanner Glass IS a 4th line type player and Buchnevich IS NOT. Next year, Buchnevich will likely be given a top 9 role at the very least. He has a bright future coming up as a Ranger but for right now, Glass fits the bill to a T!

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