The Rangers Fan Guide to Rebuilding

Get ready for the most sarcastic post you’ll read about the rebuilding Rangers…ever!

Plenty of fans in the New York Rangers fan base have forgotten the true meaning of rebuilding. Luckily for everyone our very own James reminded us what the definition is of rebuilding. Yet somehow even with the definition right in front of us, it seems that the fanbase knows what is best to rebuild the Rangers. After all it is the fans who truly pays the team’s salary. With that said let’s rebuild the Rangers using the fanbase’s ideas.

Shall we begin? The lineup is absolutely the most important aspect right now. It’s either not good enough or not bad enough. Either way it’s unacceptable. The defensive corps needs to just be 60 minutes of Kevin Shattenkirk and maybe a shift for Brady Skjei. Only if he has been a good boy of course.

Heaven to Betsy if Marc Staal is on the ice ever again it’s time to turn off the television. For we all know that Staal is incapable of playing well, even during this bounce back season he is having. Brady Skjei simply has not become the best defenseman in the league yet at age 24, time for him to retire. In order for the rebuild to go well, the team must have 22 on the ice as often as they possibly can, maybe even more than that.

When you see the talent displayed by Filip Chytil after playing 52 games this season, it makes you begin to wonder why he wasn’t a top six forward all year. It speaks volumes that a coach would have the unmitigated gall to not let a 19 year old player learn the game and understand situations better. If you plan on being successful after the rebuild the young prospects MUST get 21 minutes, or more, of ice time.

This cannot be stressed enough as a true fan. It’s impossible to stress how devastating it would be in the 2023 campaign if the Rangers get points in February 2019. Any fan would prefer to not even tune into a game rather than see a competitive team. Furthermore, when a team is competitive they may even have the audacity to win. YUCK.

As many New York Knicks fans will tell you, losing every single game is a great experience as a fan. Plus as shown by Kristaps Porzingis players absolutely love spending the beginning of their career in a losing culture.

Many people know the draft classes and the future. For instance unless the Rangers get a lottery pick, they absolutely will fall one player short in the draft class. Players that are drafted in the top three spots ALWAYS live up to their potential and everyone taken after is maybe a middle six player.

There simply is no place for old players in a rebuild. As many know the window of a successful NHL player is 18-24. Once these kids are old enough to rent a car, they best be doing so with that AARP discount.

Plus, if a player ends up having a solid year AND is older than 24, obviously it’s nothing more than a fluke. As I have said before, players just simply DO NOT find/improve their game past 24.

Hey David Quinn you’re doing a solid job in your first season; where you’re tasked with helping players mature and grow, but also trying to have a respectable season, but more importantly tanking for Hughes. Having said that, DON’T YOU DARE PUNISH Pavel Buchnevich OR Tony DeAngelo!

Oh what’s that you say? You want Buch to play a full 200 foot game? You want him to play a game that fits your system? That is a laughable concept.
Tony D has attitude problems that two other teams have pointed out? Well who cares about that?! Get him in and sit grandpa Marc (Staal).

Pavel Buchnevich is a future (and present) NHL star let him shine DQ! This blueprint will have the Rangers ready to compete in no time. Just not this year of course because, the tank is on.

Give us your favorite Fan rebuilding ideas in the comments section below.

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