The Rangers just give up too many shots to be good

Over the course of the last 15 games, the Rangers have a record of 4 – 6 – 5. Of those 15 games, their opponent has outshot them by a ridiculous margin of 521 – 388. In only four out of those 15 games, the Rangers had more shots on goal.

The games in which they had more shots on goal were against the Coyotes, Ducks, Flyers, and Penguins. The Flyers and Coyotes are currently below the Rangers in the overall standings. The Ducks were playing their second of a back-to-back that night against the Rangers, and the Penguins completely dominated play.

Over the course of those 13 games, they won four games, three of them in regulation against the Ducks, Preds, and Blues. The Preds and the Blues completely outshout/outplayed the Rangers. The Preds outshot them 37-22, and the Blues outshot them 40-23.

If you watched both of those games, both opponents dominated them and it was only because of number 30, they were in it, and eventually won. Over the course of those games, the Rangers opponents have had 30 or more shots on goal 12 times and 40 or more shots on goal 6 times, averaging 34.7 shots against them. On the other hand, The Rangers had 30 or more shots on goal just four times, never had a 40 shot game, and averaged 25.8 shots for them.

So what is the point that I am trying to make here?

The point I am trying to make is that the Rangers, are not just a bad club…..they are a REALLY bad club and Henrik Lundqvist is the greatest Ranger of all time. Over the course of these last 15 games, the Rangers have not had what I would consider a “quality” win.

A quality win to me is a game that is won in regulation, against a good opponent, controlling the game for the majority of the 60 minutes. The only game from this sample is the game against the Ducks. As mentioned before though, the Ducks were playing their second of a back-to-back, and not to mention were missing some pretty key playerS. A few guys by the names of Getzlaf, Perry, Rakell and Fowler…..don’t know if you’ve ever heard of them?

The Rangers are exactly what they said they were going to be last year in their letter; a team that is rebuilding. If you cannot accept that fact, look at the dominance they have faced over this past month. If you did not notice number 29 on Colorado making everyone look like AHLers…..keep in mind Nathan MacKinnon was drafted first overall in 2013.

As the season continues, the prospects of the Rangers drafting #1 overall in 2019 gets better and better.

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