Tilted Ice: North of Penn Podcast Episode 12 (11-13-2017)

The boys come back with a brand spanking new episode of Tilted Ice: North of Penn where they talk all things New York Rangers. In today’s episode, the dynamic duo of Russ and Kappy get into the most important questions, and give answers, surrounding the team. We discuss the team’s newfound turnaround and why the Rangers have been better defensively. Is it the blue line or has it been something we haven’t considered yet?

They also discuss the recent surging power play, give answers as to why and when Brendan Smith will be back in the lineup. They take a deep dive into the cyclical nature of today’s NHL and what the Rangers can possibly do to create a new league trend.

Make sure to listen until the end to hear the next chapter of the coolest segment “Rangers Alternate Universe.” Last week they discussed what could’ve been had the New York Rangers traded up to draft Clayton Keller. What alternate reality will they bring you now?

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