Tilted Ice: North of Penn Short – Lundqvist or Richter?


If you haven’t noticed yet, The Tilted Ice Podcast is gaining steam since it’s launch just this summer. On Episode 13 of Tilted Ice: North of Penn, Russ’ Rants brought him to the conclusion that Mike Richter must be considered for the NHL Hockey Hall of Fame. You can listen to the complete episode here on iTunes.

This broke out into the age-old New York Rangers debate: Lundqvist or Richter? As we all reflect on our fandom, it’s broken down into two parties, three if you count Eddie Giacomin. The first will tell you Lundqvist has all the skill, he does. The second will tell you Richter’s got the ring. At the end of the day, they’re both right.

On the November 15th episode of Game Misconduct, hosted by Don LaGreca titled Best Big Game Goalie Ever? Don graciously answered our Twitter question to him.

The guys took the chance to respond to Don LaGreca’s answer to the question: “who’s the most clutch goalie of all time?” and expanded the conversation a bit further. They discussed the magic that overtook New York City during the 90’s and how it will never be replicated again. See it below in video form, and to Mr. LaGreca, we tip our hats to you, podcast to podcast.

Fans, feel free to chime in on the nostalgia and age-old debate with no real answer.

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