Tony DeAngelo’s new deal with Rangers came together quickly

Tony DeAngelo understands the business side of hockey well. He’s fully aware of how the economy of the NHL is set up. Young players have no leverage until they hit unrestricted free agency.

Last summer, he tried to get more than the Rangers bare minimum offer but was unsuccessful. It’s not like he didn’t try, because he held out and missed training camp. However, as an RFA without arbitration rights there wasn’t much he could do but take the offer.

Tony DeAngelo got a good deal

This time around, DeAngelo and his agent Pat Brisson had one chip to play and that was filing for arbitration. Many believed that Tony would not get more than a year. Some felt he would want way too much. Both factors led people to believe he was as good as traded.

They were wrong.

Ultimately the two sides worked out a fair deal and one that in this climate made sense for both sides. DeAngelo is now making $4.8 million on average for the next two season. The Rangers will still retain his rights for one more year when this deal expires.

It’s a win for both sides.

Tony DeAngelo new deal
Lundqvist battles with DeAngelo (Getty Images)

DeAngelo’s deal came together quickly

Today, I spoke with ESPN Analyst Colby Cohen who also knows and speaks with Tony DeAngelo. He feels it was a fair deal, especially with the flat cap.

“I think he wanted a third year going right into unrestricted free agency would’ve been great for him,” Colby explained. “The Rangers weren’t having any of that and DeAngelo didn’t have any leverage.”

“What I can tell you is that when that first conversation started between his representation and the team,” Colby began to reveal, “Things moved along pretty quickly.” He then explained how fast it went down. “This was not something that took 2 weeks, 10 days, or even 5 days. The conversations started and finished within a small window of time to get the deal done.”

This coincided with a team source who commended Tony’a agent, Pat Brisson. “He gets it and is great to work with,” I was told. And it is evident with how quickly a deal was hammered that was amicable to both parties.

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